IMG_0072 I apologize for the unexpected blog hiatus. We moved last week, and things have been totally chaotic ever since. It’s been a tough transition, with (mini) disasters all. along. the. way… of which was a string of failed attempts to connect our internet, leading to a week-long break from the cyber world. A week! Don’t get me wrong, intentional unplugging is great. I truly enjoy the silence and space felt while camping in the mountains, vacationing in a remote location or just turning off my gadgets at home. But, an unexpected, sudden loss of one’s internet…..not so much. I am not proud to admit that in the face of an internet-free week, I was angry, anxious and just about cried a few times.

But, we’re here. And we finally have internet. Hooray!

It wasn’t just the lack of internet that was unsettling me, though. It was the overwhelming newness of this new Universe we are living in. My life back on top of our tiny mountain, in the middle of nowhere, was so familiar and predictable. And now, every facet of our life has been altered in enormous ways. We are living in the suburbs near a large city in a town that I had previously never visited. We are in a new house, on the campus of a boarding school. We are surrounded by a thousand (literally) new people who we eat with, play with, and live intertwined lives with. And while I handled the packing and moving part of all of this rather calmly, I honestly came unglued the minute I arrived in this new world. I felt immediately homesick, frustrated by all the change, and for the first few days, just plain miserable.


But, then things changed. Again. As quickly as I was thrust into this new life, I adjusted. We adjusted. I eventually managed to unpack our house, even with Emerson undoing all my work, over and over, to a maddening degree. In less than twenty-four hours, Emerson and I were already off on adventure with new friends. After a week of a chaotic non-schedule that involved constant activity and Emerson never sleeping, we are finally calm and napping. And I survived without internet by maxing out the data package on my iphone.


It’s truly insane that in just seven days, this new life feels so normal. That I can feel at home in a new place with such a foreign culture. And I can change my mind about this way of life so drastically. More on that to come… IMG_0190

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